An old Charmer, Aurora

A quaint little town, Aurora is located on the rolling hills near the Oak Ridge Moraine in the heart of the York Region. On February 3, 2013 the town completed 150 years of its existence. A small bustling town, it offers an ideal combination of the hustle bustle of a big city combined with the comforts of a small town. Aurora strives to offer the best of both worlds with a friendly atmosphere accompanied by urban amenities. From the cosmopolitan theatre to fascinating historical sites to exquisite dining to natural wonders, Aurora offers it all. It is famous for its picturesque terrain and is considered to have a small part of Manhattan considering its history.


Aurora on the whole presents a great holiday destination with different interests to attract people with varied interests. Apart from the various tourists locations the town also offers a delectable food industry. In terms of cuisines the town of Aurora offers a myriad of options. The town abounds in places offering multiple cuisines and dining options. The food industry in any city can be broken down to catering business and caterers. The town of Aurora offers a number of catering options and venues. Ranging from restaurants to take away to deliveries, the town abounds in options.(repetitive) Food caterers serve and deliver food at different venues depending on the need of the customer.


The oldest venue of any large social gathering has been weddings and other large events. In these events food plays a major role. From time immemorial weddings have provided an excuse for family and friends to meet one another and what better way than to share a meal. Now arranging this sumptuous meal is a task. Organizing a large and gourmet feast after the ceremony has been a tradition for long. Aurora’s catering services are not behind in capturing this avenue. They have tapped enormous profits by providing ingenious and different catering services to attract customers. Major caterers in the region include Wildwood Hospitality, Shelly’s Catering and Special Events Inc., Pelican Party Time Catering and Rentals.


With the increase in work pressure and hectic life schedules people have started preferring socializing at their homes rather than outside. People have started opening up to the concept of home delivering or as a caterer might put it as ‘home catering’ of food. There has been a phenomenal increase in the number of parties and social gatherings being organized at houses with outside catering. Outside catering facilitates in reducing the burden of organizing parties and events without cutting on the lavish food. The town of Aurora offers one with a number of options of home catering options which provide gourmet dishes of different cuisines at affordable costs. One of the catering services is Kilgour’s Party Platters which supplies platters, salads, sandwiches, desserts and gluten free dishes for both personal and corporate events. It specializes in fun finger-food essentials for every event. For certified Angus beef dishes Baldwin’s Steak House and Bar stands out. Though a restaurant, it also provides catering services. Another restaurant offering catering services is the Joia Ristorante and Wine Bar. Joia provides an enjoyable Italian dining experience and boasts of the largest Italian wine selections in the York region.


Restaurants present a profitable catering venue which has been in use since the advent of the food industry. Some of the famous Japanese restaurants in the town are Sushi Kui with a price range of 10-20 pound and Mi-Ne Japanese restaurant. Other top ranking restaurants in Aurora are the Edward Street Bristo, TC’s Burgers and Thai Spring Rolls. All these are famous for their excellent services and serve good quality food dishes. The Scorpion Mediterranean Bar and Grill serving greek, Italian and Spanish food is considered to be an Auroran Dining Treasure.


Some of the economical eateries include Mei Ling Chinese, Mr. Greek Express offering a variety of salads, Tom and Jerry serving Canadian, American and Pub food. A number of bakeries also compete in the catering business avenue. The Hurst Bakery has successfully been in business for 25 long years. It serves both standardized and customized delicious desert delicacies like cakes, pies, tarts, breads and muffins. Its quality and taste has been considered to be its backbone which is complimented by new and innovative dishes. Another famous bakery in Aurora is the ‘Twirl n Top’ bakery. Its specialties include flavored yogurt, sorbets and ice-creams. The Cheesecake Factory serves delectable cheesecakes. The toppings in this bakery are usually fresh and hand cut which adds to its mouth-watering taste.


Many cafes, coffee houses, ice-cream parlors and bars have also opened up in the town. These act as great places to hang out for the younger generation. These act as trendy and safe locations to meet with friends and co-workers. The Great Canadian Bagel offers breakfasts, brunch and also numerous beverages. Bosnai Hill Tea is another coffee house. Aurora also plays hosts to international chains like the Subway, Starbucks, Baskin Robbins and many more.


With development and advent of technology there has been a greater emphasis on education and jobs. Another immediate effect of development is the rising economy which leads to more jobs and opportunities. Huge offices and factories are coming into existence. Many of these are either located far from cities or with the busy schedule employees are forced to spend their lunch breaks in the office itself. These offices have presented with a gainful opportunity for both the prospective employees and entrepreneurs in the form of catering business. Both small and large scale caterers and catering organizations have sprung up which cater to these offices. Another lucrative catering venue is the umpteen numbers of educational institutions. Thousands of students come to these institutions and stay in their hostel facilities. Be it the institutional canteens or hostel mess, both needs catering of snacks and proper meals to be served to large groups of students and teaching staff.


Not behind in the catering venues are the take away or take out joints in the town. The town has numerous franchise chains offering both dine-in and take away options. Take out food has come up as one of the new catering options which provide a flexible alternative to both the provider and the consumer.


So take a walk round the town on a Saturday night, meet up with new people and become a foodie , for Aurora with its Italian (italina restaurant), Chinese, grills, pastries and local cuisine is a foodies delight.