How to make good videos to promote your clinic

How to make good videos to promote your clinic
Videos to promote your clinic

Now that you have established your online presence through your website, the next thing that needs to be done is to add a video that will show your clinic. Now you don’t need to be like Steven Speilberg or Ang Lee to make an engaging video for your clinic. What you need is the right equipment.

1. Camera = You need to buy good a good camera with high resolution. Your camera should also be color calibrated. Do not use the automated settings.

2. Lighting = You also need good lighting. The more light the better. Make sure there are no shadows in your video.

3. Tripod = In shooting the video, experts suggest you use a tripod to steady the camera. We don’t want a shaky video. Or if you don’t have a tripod, bend your knees a little. Why?  Doing so will act as shock absorbers. And make sure you move slowly otherwise your video will be blurry.

4. Microphone = A bad audio is also a big turn off in a video.  So I suggest you buy a good microphone.

Producing a video gives you an opportunity to promote your clinic to potential patients that are looking for a clinic online. People search Youtube and Google for this. Your goal is to make a short but catchy video to attract potential patients.  According to experts, a video should not be more than 3 minutes because people tend to look away if the video is taking too long. What you say in your video is up to you. You can ask a happy patient to star in it or you can be the star and give a brief tour of your facility. Before you start shooting your video, practice talking first. Just be yourself and find your voice. Be energetic. Make sure people would want to watch you for longer than 15 seconds.  You may also want to practice making private videos and samples then send them to your friends and families and ask for  their feedback.

The next step is to edit your video. All computers have their own editing software. Apple has iMovie and Windows have MovieMaker. You can find some tutorials online on how to edit and save your video. Keep the good stuff and delete the bad ones. Once you are done editing, it is time to upload the video. I suggest you post your video on your website and on Youtube as it is the most effective way to get your video on the Internet. Make sure that the video title includes the name of your clinic and your location plus your phone number. You may also add your clinic’s website on the video description.