Video ideas for your dental clinic

Video ideas for your dental clinic
Video ideas for your dental clinic

You now have a dental clinic. You have your staff and a few patients. But you need more. In order to have more patients, you can use the referral method or the word of mouth method. But there’s a new way to get new patients and that is through online visibility using promotional videos. And this article will show you some video ideas for your dental clinic. Here are some suggestions:

1. Vlog = You might be asking what a vlog is. Well, a vlog is a blog that is made up of video blog posts. You can make a short video of yourself in your clinic and just talk about how your day went.  And you can also give your viewers a tour of your clinic and your facility.

2. Slideshows = A slideshow is a series of images that are displayed in order. You can make a slideshow out of your photographs. You can take a picture of your entire clinic facility and make it into a slideshow. Or you can take pictures of your patients and make it into a slideshow. But I think you would need their permission for this because some might not want to appear on your website.

3. Interviews = You can make an interview video wherein you are asking your patients about their experience in your clinic. Or you can ask about their dental issues and you can explain to them in the video how you would help address their dental issues.

4. Music = Do you like to sing? Or do you have someone in your staff who can sing? If so, you can make a video showing you and your staff singing or playing an instrument. This will show your viewers and future patients that you and your staff also know how to have fun.

5. Recent Events = During your clinic’s anniversary you take a video of that occasion then you can upload it to your website for online users to see.

6. Tutorials = You can make a video that would show people step by step instructions on various dental processes and practices.

7. Reviews  = Make a video regarding a new product or new technology that you got. You can explain what it does and how it works. I’m sure your patients and fellow dentists will want to know more about the new product.

These are just one of the few video ideas that can help you promote your clinic’s website. Feel free to add more if you have other ideas.