Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs and Apple

When you think of Steve Jobs, the first thing that comes to your mind is, “Wow, he is a great speaker”. But have you ever sat down to unravel the secrets of his powerful presentation? If you have not, sit back, relax and read our article as we share with you some of the powerful Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs and Apple.

We all know that Steve Jobs was an American entrepreneur and the CEO of Apple. But in his presentations, he never sold computers; he would only sell the experience. His presentations are entertaining, educational and informative. This is what Steve Jobs has infused into all Apple presentations. If you were listening to a presentation by another employee of Apple, you would realize that the elements of a presentation are similar to that of Steve Job’s. That’s because Steve Jobs has standardized the elements of an Apple presentation. The elements include a great script, amazing visuals and stage props.

Have the right headline

Steve Jobs would give a headline to each of his products he was presenting on. His headlines would be crisp and to the point. This way, the audience would remember the headline even after the presentation was over. For example, the headline he gave for MacBook Air is ‘world’s thinnest notebook’. The headline speaks volumes about a product, without the need for the presenter to ramble on and on to sell the product. Just by reading the headline, the audience would be able to know the unique selling proposition of the product. In addition, Steve Jobs would maintain consistency in his presentations by having the same headline for a specific product, in all his presentations.

Design simple yet elegant slides

A powerful presentation is not about having a collage of pictures and colors. It is all about keeping the deck of slides simple yet elegant. Have you noticed that Apple products are easy to use as compared to the products of other companies? It is because Apple removes all the clutter before giving a customer the final product. Similarly, in Apple presentations, the presenter removes all the clutter, making it neat and simple for the audience. A deck of slides that Steve Jobs would use is simple, without the usage of bullet points. He would add pictures to increase the visual appeal. When Steve Jobs introduced the MacBook Air to the market, he did not use text in his presentation, apart from the headline. He simply showed a picture of a hand pulling the notebook out of an envelope. How powerful is that? In addition, Steve Jobs never used too many words in his slides. In some of his presentations, he only used seven words in total in all his slides combined.

Demonstration of a product

Especially in the technology sector, a demonstration would be helpful. Neuroscientists have done studies which show that the human brain gets tired easily. Ten minutes into a presentation and you can easily see people yawning away. This has never happened in a presentation where Steve Jobs was the speaker. Ten minutes into a presentation, he would be presenting a new product or a new feature. Instead of hearing about a product, people like to see and feel it, so that they can experience the usage of a product with their own hands. This is what Apple delivers – an experience.